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About My Studio

// Nikki Dechent
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Hi! I'm Nikki, owner and hammer wielder here at Tactile Studios Ltd. I currently live in Colorado with my hilarious family. I have the luxury of a home studio, so I can listen to my son and my partner racing around the house while I work. 

I've been involved in the fun of being a jeweler since the tender and impressionable age of 15. I discovered the joy of well polished hammers, and specialized power tools, then really just ran with it. I started apprenticing under another jeweler at 17, from him I learned to polish ANYTHING. 

Since then i've had the pleasure of working for a handful of other jewelers, and I'm looking forward to making my own studio sussessful. I really love what I do, and any excuse to buy more fun tools...


I've been working on a lot of very wearable and modern pieces lately. It feels good to make a lot of those "base" pieces that people are going to wear all of the time. I know that a lot of the jewelry that's trending right now is very over the top, but sometimes it is nice to buy a solidly made piece that you can wear every day! 

All of my work is made to the best craftsmanship I am capable of. When you buy a piece from Tactile Studios Ltd, you are buying something that will last, and I'm very proud of this. All of the connection points are soldered closed, so you don't have to worry about loosing part of an earring, or the chain falling off of your necklace. Along with that, I make as many of my own findings as I can. All ear wires are made in house, I make them just a little longer than everyone else, so you are less likely to lose one. All focal pieces and elements are made by me. You won't have to worry about finding my elements on every one else, because they don't come from a catalouge. When I say hand crafted, I mean it!